Los Angeles,  Boulder, Colorado, Yonkers, NY

Los Angeles, Boulder, Colorado, Yonkers, NY




I’m sitting in a crowded lobby in Los Angeles, surrounded by 100 or so people. Not one of them looks like a movie star. No one has perfect hair, a perfect family, a perfect life.

I’m at a fancy conference in Boulder. There are a thousand CEOs and founders here. Not one is gliding through her day the way the folks on magazine covers are. Not one has a glitch-free project and the clear sailing that the articles imply.

And here, at the gym in Yonkers, I’m not seeing a single person who looks like he could be on the cover of Men’s Health.

Role models are fine. But not when they get in the way of embracing our reality. The reality of not enough time, not enough information, not enough resources. The reality of imperfection and vulnerability.

There are no movie stars. Merely people who portray them now and then.


Scheiße klebt

Poo sticks

Scheiße klebt, Honig aber auch.

Jedem Erfolg kommt ungeteilte Bewunderung zu. Auch solchen wirtschaftlichen Erfolgen, deren Produkte nachhaltig wie Scheiße an der Schuhsohle kleben, oder deren Dienste das Leben nachhaltig beeinträchtigen. Bitte nicht.